Braids and Glam….

Hello my lovelies,

The weekend is here! Woohoo!!! anyone as excited as me? No? ok i’ll put my hands down now and stop the crazy dance. lol

Even though weekends are always so short and they go as quickly as they come, i always look forward to them. Weekend is a time to chill, watch crappy TV, let your hair down or  most of the time, catch up on all the cooking and cleaning you didn’t get to during the week. Oh the joys of

So to start the weekend off, i just wanted to share some pictures of another shoot i did time with my sister. This time round, I gave her some box braids and a makeover to go with it.

A list of all the products i used can be found below. Enjoy.

shoot 2 with Ope 001 shoot 2 with Ope 005 shoot 2 with Ope 008 shoot 2 with Ope 009

shoot 2 with Ope 016 shoot 2 with Ope 020

shoot 2 with Ope 023 shoot 2 with Ope 021 shoot 2 with Ope 017This is my favorite look.

The braids were done with Xpression synthetic hair.

For makeup; on the eyelid, i used MAC’s All that glitters, in the crease i used Mac’s swiss choocolate, embark and to darken MAC’s carbon. on the face, I used Mac’s studio tech in NC50 and set with MAC mineralise skinfinish to contour  and highlight, i used sleek colour kit and for lips, I used Sleek’s Naked lipstick with Mac’s cork lipliner and for the red lips, I used MUA red lippie can’t quite remember the number of the shade.

If you would like to get your hair braided and live in Milton Keynes, or get your get your makeup done, feel free to get in touch with me at, pls follow me on instagram @omogetodun to see more pics of my work and what am up to.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Have a lovely weekend.


My first photoshoot ever

Hi Lovelies, this one is purely for your viewing pleasure. Just wanted to share some pics with y’all.

Enjoy. All thanks to Femi Onatuga and Olori Aduke(Lam-Lam) for helping me with thismakeup photoshoot 007 makeup photoshoot 009 makeup photoshoot 005 makeup photoshoot 017 makeup photoshoot 024 makeup photoshoot 029 makeup photoshoot 032 makeup photoshoot 031 makeup photoshoot 036 makeup photoshoot 044 makeup photoshoot 046 makeup photoshoot 053 makeup photoshoot 057 makeup photoshoot 064

Xpression finally has competition

Hi my lovelies, trust you’re all doing great and having a lovely Monday so far.

So a couple of weeks ago, i was asked by an aunt to make her hair and she wanted me to buy the extensions on my way to her house. So i stopped by the market to do so only to be told that ‘Xpression’ had now been replaced. ‘Oh ok’ i said and walked back over to the stand and said, ‘but this one is called ‘Impression’ and the lady says well that is the replacement.

11nov13 01411nov13 01511nov13 01411nov13 012


‘Ah, ok then’ I bought the hair like that and went to my aunt’s keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it wouldn’t be disastrous with her chasing me back home with broom. Lol.

I found it so so easy to braid with and much much softer. It also gave me very neat braids too which i loved.

All in all, i think that Impression is here to stay and although rrp is slightly higher, it will definitely give the world famous xpression a run for its money.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what i have been up to in the past week:

11nov13 00511nov13 00611nov13 01111nov13 009


Who made your hair?

A lot of people always ask who made my hair and often times they are so shocked when i say i made it myself, they give me really weird looks and tell me it must they don’t believe me. LOL.

I do love hair and anything to do with hair gets me so excited!! I remember when my mum used to send me to the salon to get my hair done, i would sit right next to the hairdresser and watch her every move, as soon as i got home, i would practice and practice on my grandma’s hair and twist and tangle her hair all up. It would be so bad that she would have to wait for me to go to sleep so she could take the hair out cos if she dared to try combing it out, i would scream the house down!!!! I know she would be very proud of me and my talents right now..

In any case, here are some pics of my work in progress… and yes i did the twists myself and it was lovely. Is it weird that I can’t imagine anybody else making my hair for me?


I would love to hear your comments below on what you think about my hair.


work in progress

work in progress

voila, finished work.

voila, finished work.

Itchy scalp issues….

So for my first post, I decided to talk about something that may or may not have happened to you but definitely happens to me all the time.

Ever wondered why after a couple of days of installing your gorgeous box braids or senegalese twists, you start to experience crazy itching scalp? I did too for a very long time and decided my scalp was probably reacting to the extensions. I thought nothing further of it until I was browsing the internet last week and found lots of  videos talking about the exact same thing.

It turns out that all synthetic extensions aka ‘xpression’ or ‘kanekalon’ hair is coated with an alkaline base that prevents moulding and is also supposed to make the hair shine. This is the main culprit behind the itchy scalp problems. Say what?

The solution? Simple, doing an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse before installing your box braids or twists will help neutralise the chemicals and save your scalp and your brain from all that tapping and scratching which can drive you crazy especially at night time.

What you will need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • water
  • sink or bowl

To prepare the hair, just add 1/4 cup of ACV to water in a bowl or sink and soak hair for about 15 to 20 mins, let hair dry and voila, hair is ready to be used. Also for those worried about the vinegar smell, it disappears once hair is completely dry.

note: do not unravel hair before soaking as this could lead to tangles and  be gentle when handling the hair  to avoid making a mess of extensions.

This method can also be used for synthetic weaves, kinky hair and also as a pre-treatment for hair that will be used in braids for weave.

Hope this helps.