Who made your hair?

A lot of people always ask who made my hair and often times they are so shocked when i say i made it myself, they give me really weird looks and tell me it must they don’t believe me. LOL.

I do love hair and anything to do with hair gets me so excited!! I remember when my mum used to send me to the salon to get my hair done, i would sit right next to the hairdresser and watch her every move, as soon as i got home, i would practice and practice on my grandma’s hair and twist and tangle her hair all up. It would be so bad that she would have to wait for me to go to sleep so she could take the hair out cos if she dared to try combing it out, i would scream the house down!!!! I know she would be very proud of me and my talents right now..

In any case, here are some pics of my work in progress… and yes i did the twists myself and it was lovely. Is it weird that I can’t imagine anybody else making my hair for me?


I would love to hear your comments below on what you think about my hair.


work in progress

work in progress

voila, finished work.

voila, finished work.


5 thoughts on “Who made your hair?

  1. amaka says:

    I must confess that it is a baffling and an impressive feat Blessing. How do you get the right tension for the braids especially in those difficult-to-reach areas of your head? And how do you manage to part the hair neatly before you braid it? Or does someone help you do that part?

    • omogetodun says:

      my dear its quite difficult to explain you know, i just tend to feel around for the parting and i guess mostly just trust my instinct. no one helps me with it ooo. The first time i did it in front of my hubby he just sat there in shock. That was when he really believed i could make hair…lol

      • amaka says:

        Wow! That is simply fantastic. You have inspired and challenged me to try it! (Hope it turns out as lovely as yours)

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