Xpression finally has competition

Hi my lovelies, trust you’re all doing great and having a lovely Monday so far.

So a couple of weeks ago, i was asked by an aunt to make her hair and she wanted me to buy the extensions on my way to her house. So i stopped by the market to do so only to be told that ‘Xpression’ had now been replaced. ‘Oh ok’ i said and walked back over to the stand and said, ‘but this one is called ‘Impression’ and the lady says well that is the replacement.

11nov13 01411nov13 01511nov13 01411nov13 012


‘Ah, ok then’ I bought the hair like that and went to my aunt’s keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it wouldn’t be disastrous with her chasing me back home with broom. Lol.

I found it so so easy to braid with and much much softer. It also gave me very neat braids too which i loved.

All in all, i think that Impression is here to stay and although rrp is slightly higher, it will definitely give the world famous xpression a run for its money.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what i have been up to in the past week:

11nov13 00511nov13 00611nov13 01111nov13 009



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